VBA: How to detect when user runs the method "updateproject"

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I am trying to connect some functionalities with the updateproject-method in order to not only update the actual work but some other custom enterprise fields as well. However, in contrast to events such as beforesavebaseline or beforeprojectsave, there is no event for this. Is there any way for a VBA macro to detect whenever updateproject is executed?

As for the alternatives: My first thought was to hide the "update project" button in the userribbon (as it's possible in excel) and replace it with an own "update project" button (i.e., same look for the user) which also executes the project field change macro. Reading some project ribbon changing documentation, I only found options to add(!) new ribbons/groups, however it seems impossible to hide a button in a predefined group/tab. I guess my last resort would be to add yet another tab with a button to "updateprojectw/projfields" or similar.

Are there any other alternatives? Or am I blind for easier option? Any help welcome.



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Tue, 01/08/2013 - 16:13

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