MS Project 2010

Timesheets in PWA and MS Project Proffesional Resourcxe Usage View

The actual work being submitted in the PWA Timesheets do not appear in the Project Proffesion Project Schedule Resource Usage view.

ms project predecessor successor

looking for a report that shows the relationships between the current task and predecessor and successor by name.

using task.type=pjFixedWork

I am trying to set all task to Fixed Work using the following code, but get runtime error 1101

MS Project 2010 color % complete with bar

In, MS Project 2010, I want to color fill the % complete field using a bar that goes the % across the field.
Example: 25% complete - bar colors left quarter of the field
Is this possible?

Show subtasks for one specific summary task

Hi all,

In Project 2003 when using the filter Summary Tasks one could outline a specific summary task's subtasks. But in Project 2010 this is impossible. But that function is what I would like to have.

MS Project Duration Calculation

Hi All,

I am trying to create a MS Project field for year to date costs we have projects going over three years and I want to be able to report on YTD Actual costs and the Remaining costs for that year.

How do I total two columns in MS Project with a macro or VB

I want to subtract one column from another and put the result in the "work" column in MS Project.

How to start and stop Delegation session using PSI?

How to start and stop Delegation session using PSI?

VB Code in MS Project to alert user if view is set with filters

I am trying to determine a way to alert a user while executing a macro in MS Project that the current view of the project is either set with a filter or a group.

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