Microsoft Publisher 2010

How to run Publisher script on another Application?

Hi Experts,
is there a way to have a Publisher-scritpt open another Publisher-file and run some code on the newly opened app from the original application?

Publisher email has a light grey background when seen on an android phone

The PNG of the logo is also showing with a white background so I have a white box around it. On all other devices the background stays white as intended, is this a Publisher problem?

MS Pub 2010 website; inserting Navigation bar into master page

When I built a website in pub 2010 and inserted the navigation bar into the master page (so it would line up on all pages) it worked for 2 days but now it doesn't.

The hyperlinks do not respond.

Where is the design gallery in 2010 to add an Attention Getter

i need to add an Attention Getter to a flyer, but I don't find the Design Gallery


when i try to print a brocure on publisher, it only comes out on the left side and in portrait not landscape

Mail Merge in Publisher


Im trying to create a birthday party invite using the mail merge feature in Publisher 2010, I have 2 invites per page and would like to know how to show different recipients on the one page.

I deleted a publisher file and cannot file it

I need to find a deleted publisher file. I have check recycle bin but cannot find it there.

Sending a Publisher 2010 document as an email - can't get it smaller

Hi. I made a one long page newsletter using Publisher 2010. I used the smallest size photos I could 330 KB when I saved them for web viewing) and then in picture format selected Compress All Photos.

Cant open email attachement from Publisher

I have publisher 2010...when I get an email attachment that was created in publisher...I can't open it. It is all symbols etc.


Is it possible to use animated graphics in newsletters written in MS Publisher then converted to PDF for publication online via e-blast?

I publish newsletters for a school. They are created in Publisher then converted to pdf for e-blast publication online. I would like to use animated graphics or gifs. Is this possible?

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