Microsoft Project 2010


When you insert a subproject into a new MSPROJECT file it appears to pick up the title from FILE\INFO\PROJECT INFORMATION\ADVANCED PROPERTIES and use that for the name of the summary task which is the inserted project.

Project File contains link message

We have several project files that issue a message with regards to "keeping links" every time you open the file. You need to answer 'yes' or 'no'. There are no external links in these files?

addshape gives type mismatch for msoshapechevron

I am writing VBA for MS Project to create drawing objects in a Powerpoint presentation.

How to find the finish date in msp from % complete(it is less than % Planned)?

I want to find the actual finish date automatically in msp fromm % completed and % completed is less than % planned.

ControlSource property for Textbox control in MS Project 2010

In Project 2010, I'm trying to link a Textbox control on a userform to a Task field (the "Notes" field).

i want to display microsoft project data using jsp on webpage

Can anyone help me out in dispalying ms project (.mpp) data on webpage using jsp

Setting custom duration field in Project to elapsed duration.

how to reduce all tasks by 30% in ms project 2010

I have an existing project that I would like to reduce all the dates and durations by 30 %.

Is there an easy way to do this in ms project 2010?

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