Microsoft Excel 2007

Changing default format in excel

I wanted to change default format.
I read about it in this site. It answered my question about changing default format.
I followed the procedure and created BOOK.XLT and SHEET.XLT in XLSTART folder.

Cell Address

in excel sheet my data fill in A5 to A15 so i want result
start filld cell = A5
Last non Empty Cell = A15


Where I can find aplication file tmplwiz.exe for Excel 2007??

I need to transfer and Excel file from Office 2007 to another computer and have it copy in the Excel format. How do I do this?

I have tried copying the Excel file to a CD and then opening it in Excel but it does not open in the Excel format it is more like a Word format.

Rows reduce size to 0 after unhiding/filtering them??

Hi everyone,

At the bottom of my main data I have several empty rows (ready for filling in when needed) followed by a section of data that is basically a summary table of the data above.

Workbook 2007 of 262 KB size takes long time to open

Workbook 2007 of 262 KB size takes long time to open approx 3 minutes

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