Microsoft Entourage

Fix Entourage Error 17099 in Entourage Database

Today morning when I opened my Entourage and got the following error message:
Temporary local problem- Please try later
Mail could not be sent.
Error- 17099

after upgrade I can't open Entourage

I'm new to Mac.
we recently upgraded to the 10.7.5 version
and upgraded to the newest version of Microsoft office as well.
(which includes Outlook)

lost my email files etc on entourage

Just opened entourage to check emails and i was asked to set up accounts as if it was new! all my sub files for mail categories have gone...please help. I have 10.4.11 and its always been fine till now.

entourage identity back up data

Hi all
The disk storage is full and ill see that the main identity folder carries 270 GB
in side a there is one main identity folder with
a "data base" of 51gb

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