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MY 2 MONTHS OLD MACBOOK AIR HARD DISK IS CONTINOUSLY DEPLETING... FROM 71 GB FREE GOES DOWN TO 0 gb in minutes... have tried with Apple today, deleted Cashe, log, apps, etc, but still....

Outlook Mac 2011 - exchange contacts not in directory

Just got a new MacBook Pro retina and set up my corporate exchange account in Oulook Mac 2011, and my emails, calendar and contact are there, but when I search for a contact, it doesn't come up with anything, and when I lo

On a Mac OS X can I convert a .wav file to a word document?

I have recorded voice conversations on my iPod and transferred them to my iMac. Transcribing takes forever. Is there a way to convert the voice conversations saved as .wav files to word documents?


Outlook Web App (OWA) access on MAC

I work in a BPO and I support GE users.

GE has migrated to MAC and they can access web mail on their MAC on safari.

Could you please let me know if there is any special need for this.


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