PBR LAN Routing

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Hi We are currently on ISR 2951 two WAN from different ISP and two LAN interface

WAN1 =

LAN1 =\16 (PBR enable for WAN1)
LAN2=\16 (PBR enable for WAN2)
Also, when WAN1 fail all traffic will be routed to WAN2 and vice versa
Everything seems to be working. Except LAN traffic ..... File transfer from two computer in LAN1 didn't even cross 1Mbps (LAN1 n LAN2 are both gigabitethernet interface)
i use ipmessenger to transfer files also file transfer on skype between two computers on the same LAN is horribly slow.
Is there a way i can create a local route or something to prevent local traffic from using the PBR i enable to LAN1 and LAN2 as it seems the traffic ment for LAN seems to hit the WAN and then comes back and that seems to slow the througput.....

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Mon, 09/01/2014 - 13:42

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