Password Changing for NETGEAR mr814v2

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First of all my english is not very well, so if you can use basic english it would be great. :)

My problem is about changing the ADSL password. Our modem is NETGEAR MR814v2. And we don't know how can we put password. Also we don't know the password if they change the default one to another one.

So what and how can we do??

Thanks for everything..


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Tue, 09/25/2012 - 21:10

1 Answers for "Password Changing for NETGEAR mr814v2"

The only way to recover password is to reset it to factory defaults.

You can reset Netgear MR814V2 router by long pressing the reset button at the back of router for 30 seconds.

1) Press the reset button on back the of router until the test link blinks, this may take upto 30 seconds.
2) After reset, connect to your router with a browser and login with default password.

User: admin
Password: password

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