How to keep previous messages when replying in MS Groove?

When i reply to any of the message, the previous conversation is not being appended. Infact, it is opening as a fresh conversation as if we send a new message to any person.

Can manuscript in Pub 2003, be cut and pasted into 2 books?

Book is currently 400 pages, need to double space and Edit into 2 books.
Is it possible to cut and paste into new book?

how to reduce all tasks by 30% in ms project 2010

I have an existing project that I would like to reduce all the dates and durations by 30 %.

Is there an easy way to do this in ms project 2010?

how can i solve 2 equation for 3 different variables

i want to sole symbolically two simultaneous equations for three variables in terms of remaining ariables


When I open a new document in the Normal template, I have to put in the page layout and the macros by hand anyway. Why does not the template take care of these things?

On a Mac OS X can I convert a .wav file to a word document?

I have recorded voice conversations on my iPod and transferred them to my iMac. Transcribing takes forever. Is there a way to convert the voice conversations saved as .wav files to word documents?


MDB query

I have an Ms Acces Database file sent to me with a password. When I opened it, it contains random characters in the rows and columns. Now I've been told that I need to decode the message in it.

Is it possible to enable word wrap in OneNote?

I have a number of notes, but they are all in Word.

Conditional formatting for anniversary dates

employee started 22/08/2011, how do i create format so each employee anniversary date will flag every year?

for example started 22/08/2011 will need to flag 22/08/2012, each employee has a different start date.

Is it possible to use animated graphics in newsletters written in MS Publisher then converted to PDF for publication online via e-blast?

I publish newsletters for a school. They are created in Publisher then converted to pdf for e-blast publication online. I would like to use animated graphics or gifs. Is this possible?

How can one get SMTP login?

I have tried to get smtp login for long time with success,can someone help me here since i'm finding it difficult to get one foe use.

Hi, have a Mac p.b. G4 displaying system disk is do i correct this problem?

I get a prompt every time i go into one of my programmes. In itunes i am only able to play part of my music file.

How to install server extension to activate web page using front page 2000

I have prepared my personal web page in Microsoft front page 2000 so, i need to install server extension

how to use net?

Microsoft SkyDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox

Which is the best cloud storage, sharing and backup offering?
Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox?

Which storage application do you use and why?

MOSS 2007 and InfoPath

Have a custom workflow solution that have been in production a few years now. Recently due to changes some of forms approvals needed to be altered.

How to open PST files

I can't open PST files created from Outlook

Open Outlook Attachments Read Only - How to Write?

how to solve ms-outlook all attached files open in read only.

Location of nic card

is there any nic card located/fitted in a switsch?


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