How to use index and match functions to retrieve values from Different work sheets

How to use index and match functions to retrieve values from Different work sheets

Excel: Auto-copying a number


In the same spreadsheet column, I would like to enter a number to any cell in a range and have the remaining cells automatically copy the same number.


1. Start with range,

Embedded media objects in PowrPoint Presentation

How do I locate embedded media object (audio and/or video) in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation?


How do I select all pages retrieved by OneNote 2010 search, at once?

I perform a search on a section for a certain word/phrase and receive a list of pages as result.
I want to select all those pages and move them to another section at once.
How can I do it?


Help& Support windows vista, goes blank!

help & support pages, internet explorer pages and even my gadjets goes blank and just displays white screen! my labtop is dell and its original window is Vista... plz help me. it is really annoying :(

Mac barcodes in Excel

I am new to Mac and try to generate the barcode in Excel, but when I tried to convert it to PDF files, the image gone. Help!

How to convert an internet clip art to jpeg

This is for a an assignment to build a website and need to convert the internet clip art temporary to a jpeg format.

How do I convert Clip art to a Jpeg

I am doing an assignment and need to insert some pic on a web site and would want to save the clip art internet temporary files to a Jpeg how do I convert the clip art to jpeg

How to convert .txt file into word or PDF in correct layout

I was sent a HTM file containing thousands of details that I need to print.

Formatting dates prior to 1900 in Excel

I am putting a spreadsheet together with dates in some cells. Some dates are 1900's, others 1800's.

after upgrade I can't open Entourage

I'm new to Mac.
we recently upgraded to the 10.7.5 version
and upgraded to the newest version of Microsoft office as well.
(which includes Outlook)

ControlSource property for Textbox control in MS Project 2010

In Project 2010, I'm trying to link a Textbox control on a userform to a Task field (the "Notes" field).

alphabetizing one notes

Update I tried this link below too: (for 2007

It doesn't work any other suggestions. I really need the file for alphabetizing the file.

Mathtype 6.6a

when I try add any item to the toolbar in Mathtype 6.6a , the following message appears :

(( you can't add items to the toolbar as the toolbar file ( TOLLBAR.EQL) is read only ))

why would you recommend using firewall for internet safety?

tHI COD LVE IN crm 4

SetIssueCheckBoxes = function() {

// createToolbarButton("Refresh", "refreshid", "fnRefresh ()", "", "Refresh", true);

i want to display microsoft project data using jsp on webpage

Hi can u help me out in displaying MS project data on web page using jsp.

Firefox home page error

In the past when I went to save a document that I had saved before I would get the warning message "you have a document already saved by this name to still want to save this document" and now I am not getting it any more. How do I get this warning back?

I am worried that I might save over a document in Microsoft Office Word. In the past I would get a pop-up warning that I had a document by the same name. I do not get this warning any more. How do I get it back?


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