excel macro

i have several files as .rpt i want them to import in excel the files have diffrent
formats how to automate importing them with input dialogue box and delimiter as | pipe

excel macro

i have devloped a software and it generates multiple excel files
i want them to merge into one workbook how to automate through vb macro code wjth fileopendialogue box to select files

I need help creating a function for a user to define a range of cells


I am having trouble generating an invoice in Peachtree that includes past due amounts. I reset the date range, but the invoice does not print past due amounts. Any ideas to help?

Window 2007 non si apre (appare una schermata blu

ciao a tutti,
da qualche tempo il mio hp Pavillon non riesce piu ad aprire window e quindi al pacchetto office di microsoft.

Windows vista to windows 7 ICS connection set up isnt working correctly. why is this?

I have started trying to use ICS to connect my windows vista (Host) laptop o my windows 7 desktop (client) via ethernet connection crossover cable.

A PDF file inserted in MS Publisher does not look good, not printing good either

I prepared a book cover in MS Publisher and inserted the barcode as PDF. The barcode PDF opens and looks very sharp even at 800% magnification. I did not resized it or anything; it is already the correct size.

how do i install office assistant on my computer

help me install office assistant

Group won't go until you add a single address

When sending an email W-LM won't just send to a group. It asks to add a single address. How to fix this?

If I ONLY installed word 2002, do I need any of the security updates which only mention Office xp?

I deliberately, specifically ONLY installed word 2002, NOT any of the rest of the Office-Suite!

Can I set default documents for a project site?

I am wondering if there is a way to set a default list of documents that are automatically uploaded to a Project Site's Documents right when that project gets created? Is there any way to do this?


Go to the Buffalo website for Client Manager 3..here is its spec page


Reset Outlook 2010 folder permissions

Our group uses a group mailbox as a shared workspace, we have a global group we are members of that is used to grant access on the exchange 2010 server.

when EtherNet Cable unplugeed form my HP Compaq 6530b driver also removed

when EtherNet Cable unplugeed form my HP Compaq 6530b driver also removed and when i plug the cable again in laptop i used to search them again in device manager and to detect the Lan Card again

office chart

discuss the importance of office chart

What is Roaming Outlook Profile??

About The Bill

I have a excel format bill but that pattern of bill i want to convert in access?

Unable to open shaired filder

I am not able to open sheared folder from My PC ( Window Xp SP2 ) error getting

excel timestamps

I want to put timestamp in cell Q12 when value in cell D4, and Q26 when value in D16
can any one help me how to do that in excel worksheet.



Compare text field to table and return corresponding code number

I have a 2-column table with keywords and their corresponding code numbers.

Column A:
1 taxi
2 lunch

Column B:
1 2.01
2 4.03


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