Data recovery form formatted hard disk

Data recovery tool is the best option to restore data from formatted hard disk. I would like to suggest an advanced recovery tool, It's name is Kernel for windows Data Recovery software. You can use it without hassle.

Outlook express email recovery

Repair your dbx files from outlook express email recovery software. It is able to repair corrupted dbx files so i would like to recommend Kernel Recovery for Outlook Express software.

CRM 2013 - Create a custom Opportunity Entity

How to migrate exchange to novell groupwise?

Migrate exchange sever mailbox to Novell groupWise mailbox. I refer more reliable secure safe or cost-effective exchange to groupWise software. You can use Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise.

why won't my computer respond at all.

I went in a reset some of my home group settings, performance settings and cup settings. I must of not changed the right ones with the correct ones. My computer will not respond.

PBR LAN Routing

Hi We are currently on ISR 2951 two WAN from different ISP and two LAN interface

WAN1 =

How to run Publisher script on another Application?

Hi Experts,
is there a way to have a Publisher-scritpt open another Publisher-file and run some code on the newly opened app from the original application?

linked MS Excel cells containing only short texts returning #N/A?

I have several linked cells in my report file that contains text. 80% of them work OK but few of these linked cells are returning #N/A? Some of them got just two words.

Magnifying an image out of images to a full size slide

I stuck with a ppt presentation problem. Assume that 4 images in the slide. Assume that One is main image which kept in large size and the rest lies below to the main image.

I respectively want 100 answered questions on front page

I respectively want 100 answered questions on front page, to learn for my exams. I would be glad for your help.

Ms Project - Duration, Start date and Finish date

Hello, I am preparing plan in MS Project. My question is , all my tasks are Fixed units as resources available time is only 40% of their monthly hours. Now i assigned tasks and added resources with 40% and entered effort.

forget password ms grove. how to reset it?

i can't remember the password of MS Grove 2007. Pl. hep me to Re-Set it.

Record Locking

How can I identify/pick up. the user that is currently locking the record
I am using 'Record Locking' in the Front End (Form Level) as well as the Backend End databases

Hide Web Part Using InfoPath 2010

Publisher email has a light grey background when seen on an android phone

The PNG of the logo is also showing with a white background so I have a white box around it. On all other devices the background stays white as intended, is this a Publisher problem?

2007 Office Publisher - Email Hyperlink

When I try to insert an Email Hyperlink in a text box, it will sometimes show up as just a single dot or not at all. However, when I run the cursor over it, I can right click and open, edit, or remove the hyperlink.

i need a vba code where i enter start date and end date and a calender is genrated

i need a vba code where i enter start date and end date and a calender is genrated

How do i import data from old Peachtree drive to a new drive? Peachtree does not open in the old PC but the company data folder can be seen.

My peachtree server could not open. I have installed peachtree in a new server but could not import data files from the old drive. When i try it gives the message 'cannot open 'E:\Peachtree\SALES.CSV' for importing.


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