Link between cells in different workbooks

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Link between cells in different workbooks
I have two shared Excel spreadsheets. Their function(s) are to allow multiple users to input data, while working as an accounting type of file. The task was constantly having to add new data, and copy and paste information to both. I have since created a link between cells in different workbooks, which resolved my first issue.

Now to try and articulate my next issue.
Spreadsheet #1 is just a log we created to get rid of paper and users record they are processing 'checked out' work. It contains a column that I have to manually place an 'X' in a column 'if' I have received a paper document to record its receipt that 'checked out' work is complete.
Spreadsheet #2 is to log amounts in multiple columns to 'balance' back to an original figure. It contains roughly 45 columns that I must input data and the final column has a formula "=IF(ROUND(A6-AW6,2)=0,"",A6-AW6)" which will show if my figures 'balance' back to an amount.
In a perfect world, I know that combining the two would be the easiest. However, concerns of people editing information will not allow this. I am going to suggest locking columns to only certain users. If that is not agreeable, is there a way to have spreadsheet #1 to have a formula that will place the 'X' in spreadsheet #2 column 'IF' my final column =0 on #1

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Wed, 07/09/2014 - 22:56

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