i have two column one with text want number in other column

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i m preparing sheet for students record.for tuition for SR.Kg till 6th
i am stuck here ,,,,,i have 2 column named "Std " and other " Monthly Fees"
what i want is in that column ( Std) when ever i type any stander like Std 1,,, Std 6.. i should get its respective fees across it in next column
Column1 Column2   Column 3
2             2            (=Column1+Column2) ans is 4
but this is easy with numbers
i have test in one and i want whenever i type that particular std its fees in other column
Column1 Column2  
Std 1      400
Std 5      500
column will be single but std will be any from skg till 6th
any help from anybody can i expect.

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Thu, 09/27/2012 - 09:06

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