How data is inseted in CRM 2013 databse using Filtered VIews?

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I am using CRM 2013 and i have to insert data into CRM database using filtered views. Is there any permission required for inserting data in CRM database. If yes then how can i set permissions for this?


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Thu, 09/25/2014 - 07:22

24 Answers for "How data is inseted in CRM 2013 databse using Filtered VIews?"

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period of 304 days before the end of the employment contract.
The end of the employment contract (FCT) retained the rights to open must be within 12 months
prior to registration as unemployed. This is normally the last. However,
when in the 304 days before that the CTF affiliate condition is not fulfilled, it must
See previous FCTN and search from it the condition of membership in a
further period of 304 days (Article 9 paragraph 2 of the General Regulation) Affiliate e time required for the initial opening of rights is sought in a
period of 319 days before the end of the employment contract. The end of the employment contract (FCT)
retaining the rights to open must be within the 12 months preceding registration as
Jobseeker. This is normally the last. However, when in 319 days
before that the CTF affiliate condition is not fulfilled, it is necessary to refer to FCT
anterior and seek from it the condition of affiliation within a further 319

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