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Entourage - Mac Word

I got this on the CD that contained my Word and Excel. I don't know what it is for. Can someone explain? Wouldn't it be nice if those books of yore were still around?...

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    I got this on the CD that contained my Word and Excel. I
    don't know what it is for.
    Can someone explain?

    Wouldn't it be nice if those books of yore were still around?

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    Re: Entourage

    Hi Stephen,

    It's an email and personal information program, a bulked-up Outlook Express
    in some ways. Offers Email (POP, IMAP, and Hotmail), Newsreading (like these
    groups), Calendar, Event Scheduling and Reminders, etc, etc, etc. Quite

    See for their propaganda on it.

    If you decide to use it (and a lot of people do, although you might not like
    the news threading if you currently use Mozilla), here's great Help page:


    "Stephen Esrati" wrote:

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    Re: Entourage

    Dayo Mitchell <com.invalid> wrote:

    and Exchange (through IMAP) in 10.1.5 :-)))


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    Re: Entourage


    If you describe it as a "bulked up Outlook Express" you may want to plan
    your Summit attendance carefully. Avoid all rotund bearded people who look
    as if they may be academic musicians, because one of them will currently be
    sticking pins in Dayo-shaped effigies... :-)


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    <BCA2AA27.27A84%com.invalid>, from "Dayo
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    Re: Entourage

    Hi Stephen

    The books of yore are now books of Adobe PDF.

    Look for the PDF file on the install CD that has the manual.


    Jim Gordon
    Mac MVP
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    whenever you see one that you know the answer to.

    On 4/14/04 6:04 AM, in article W08fc.268$,
    "Stephen Esrati" <net> wrote:

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    Re: Entourage

    I did qualify that with "in some ways". Although Paul probably will see
    this thread eventually, seeing as how the subject is Entourage....


    "John McGhie [MVP - Word]" wrote:

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    Re: Entourage

    John McGhie [MVP - Word] wrote:

    I take offense to that description of the rotind bearded person. <grin> That's an
    exact desription of me except that I am no musician.

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    Re: Entourage

    OK, here I am. It's true that Entourage 2001 was built "on top of" OE 5 -
    i.e. inherited its email and Address Book code (but doubled the latter). All
    the PIM stuff (Calendar, Tasks, Notes) was brand new (and looks it, in
    2001). By Entourage X, probably only 30% or so still derived from OE 5. In
    2004, I'd estimate that only about 10-15% of Entrourage still derives from
    OE 5. That's an awful lot of bulking.

    Paul Berkowitz
    MVP Entourage
    Entourage FAQ Page: <>
    AppleScripts for Entourage: <>

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    PLEASE always state which version of Entourage you are using - 2001 or X.
    It's often impossible to answer your questions otherwise.


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    Version: 2008
    Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
    Processor: Intel

    just loaded Office08. When i try to open entourage, it says "this identity can not be opened with this version of entourage. i tried putting all old entourage applications in the trash and emptying. Then trashed my whole Office08 program and re-loaded. still getting the error message. i don't even need the data - i have an exchange server. i just need to open Entourage and it won't let me. any ideas?
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    Re: entourage

    Hi Katie -

    You really need to post this to the Entourage group rather than Word:

    Or from the Mactopia interface:

    Regards |:>)
    Bob Jones
    [MVP] Office:Mac

    On 9/11/08 9:14 PM, in article caR9absDaxw,
    "com" <com> wrote:

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    Re: entourage

    <com> wrote:

    You are boviously opening the identity with a version of Entourage that
    is anterior to the version last used to open it.
    Uninstall all old version for sure, then make sure that Office is fully
    up to date on your Mac.


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    Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
    Processor: Intel

    Is it possible to create an Email template that incorporates our Email Header. If so, HOW?
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    Re: Entourage

    Not in Entourage, no.

    You could create it in Word and email it as an attachment or as HTML from

    Or you could create it as a "Signature". Look up "Signature" in the
    Entourage Help for more.


    On 2/12/08 2:09 PM, in article caR9absDaxw,
    "com" <com> wrote:

    Don't wait for your answer, click here:

    Please reply in the group. Please do NOT email me unless I ask you to.

    John McGhie, Microsoft MVP, Word and Word:Mac
    Sydney, Australia. mailto:name


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