entourage identity back up data

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Hi all
The disk storage is full and ill see that the main identity folder carries 270 GB
in side a there is one main identity folder with
a "data base" of 51gb
and a "old data base "with 52 bg
and a data base rebuild with 1.3 gb
and then 6 more main identity folder with back up time stamp with differed sizes
(49/36/45/24/7/1.3- GB off size )

can some one explain me what is entourage is doing with all the data ?
and can i delete all the back up's ? to have one current version ?

and can how to smartly configure that back up behavior ?

mac book pro 2.4 10.7.5 office 2008

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Thu, 09/27/2012 - 20:17

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The large database size could be due to a lot of attachments in your profile. I suggest the following steps:

1) Delete any unwanted mails and attachments
2) Rebuild database
3) Delete any 'old database' and 'old database cache'

Hi thanks for getting back

can i delete the old once ? are they inbreeded inside the current one ?
ore should i leaf the last back up ?
i run a integrity test and it was fine so can i delete all main ident folder with a back up time stamp ?
and then export the current one as for a back up ?

and how too delete the old database cache please

thank you

It shouldn't be a problem to delete the old database backup if you don't need it anymore.

In case you worry that deleting a file may affect your system, you can always drop it into trash or move it to another folder and see if it breaks anything. If it causes any problem, you can recover the file back from trash.

PS: I recommend reading this article about entourage database issues http://macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2002/06/04/entourage.html

ok will do thanks :)

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